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Hello lovely let me tell you about our wellbeing collective; Me & Frank

It all started with my (Peta's) love of the new generation essential oils and how they can change lives in so many ways! When my daughter Liberty moved home. to set up her art studio, uniting her passions for art and wellbeing, it made sense to work together to make a difference somehow.

We have now evolved into an exciting collaboration with other amazing, caring people who we have met along the way, to create a special, safe space for all to gather for workshops and get-togethers to discover our best life through creative and therapeutic loveliness.

There is such a beautiful synergy forming!



Whether you're yet to take the first step in the big journey to your best self, or your path is well-trodden... we're here, to hold space for the good and bad, to cheer you on and try to catch you if you fall.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Pea & Libby x

About Me (Pea)


 Hi! I’m Peta – business woman, wife, mum, granny, writer, and optimist with a pessimistic safety net.

I love nature, fresh air, walking, art, kindness, laughter, Netflix, red wine, avocados, fluffy pillows and chocolate. Not so keen on housework, grumpy people, gossip, chemicals, global warming or spiders.

I seek a better life, a vibrant community, natural wellness and lifestyle and financial security.

Having brought up a fabulous bunch of people and run a cake business, I now find myself sharing about a healthy, happy lifestyle and the amazingness of doTERRA essential oils and how they can zizz up your life – for body, mind and soul.

I work with individuals and businesses, offering classes, workshops or informal chats over a coffee to see what oils to use and how best to access them. 

About Libby


 Hello darling,

Liberty here, the delightful youngest daughter of Pea...


I am the proud owner of an art studio, passion for creativity and a resting-bitch-face. I'm pleased to say that the ever increasing 'woo-woo' side of Me & Frank is almost entirely my fault, and I make zero apologies for that... you're welcome.

I joined Me & Frank quite by accident really, freelancing for Pea for design work and 'technical things' (being a Millennial), but gradually I saw it as an opportunity to create my own stepping stones to my dream Arts Farm. A chance to help my mumma, whilst gaining experience and building a supportive group of friends.  I'll be honest, I didn't think it would work this well, this quickly, but I'm certainly glad to be proven wrong.

I was struggling to find support on my own journey, so it's great that all these events just happen in my house now!

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