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This is all about how Pea met Frank (full name, Frankincense).

Until a couple of years ago, I thought it was something that Jesus put on his feet and it smelled like petrol. Then, one day, when life got to me with a really crappy situation that I couldn’t handle, my niece introduced me to Frankincense.

‘Pop a drop under your tongue’ she said

Are you kidding?’ I said



So I did. Instant calm – and it didn’t taste like petrol, which was a bonus. For the first time in weeks, I felt relaxed and able to face the situation and deal with it. Wow! I used it every day.

After a couple of weeks, a funny thing happened. I realised that I just felt better. I had been having a lot of head tension and feeling a bit fuzzy and unstable and the room would spin sometimes, but all that had vanished! Double wow!

Anyway, I decided to delve into these particular oils by doTERRA and discovered that they were useful for supporting lots of things, and are actually zillions of times (in my opinion) better than other oils.


Why? you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you that a bit later.

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