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A cute little A6 print, with a design representing your powerful affirmation on it... sort of.


OKAY, so what the fuck is a sigil?

A sigil is a design or pattern created with letters, which serves as a visual representation/reminder of an affirmation sentence... instead of having the sentence in full on your wall for all to see (people can be so nosey!) this allows a little discretion and mystery. As long as you remember the affirmation in full, every time you see it, it acts as a reminder to say your affirmation.


In it's simplest terms, to me, a sigil is a visual prompt for a desire/wish that you are manifesting.



Maybe you've just started a your own business, why not hang a sigil above your desk, as a motivational artwork, that serves as both a pretty thing to look at, and if you believe in all the power of manifestation and affirmation (because of course you do!), to bring yourself fortune and success. 


Anyway, these arorable little postcard size prints are made to order using the cyanotype process. This basically means that I'll take a piece of card which I've treated with a light-sensitive photographic solution, and arrange a mix of flower petals, pollen and other bits of nature in the shape of a sigil for your chosen affirmation on top of it. When this is exposed to the sunlight (or a UV bulb when it's not so sunny), the flowery bits block the chemical reaction of the sun hitting the paper - when washed, where the sun hit becomes blue and the shadows are preserved as the paper colour... pretty cool.


Many styles possible, so if you're picky, let's chat... the photos were taken for the kit version (which I am yet to launch) conveying a range of styles. Yours will be bangin'!


So, choose sunshine and flowers for your wall, desk or journal decor! 



I've got a free downloadable worksheet showing how to turn your affirmation into a sigil!

 ... hey let me know if you need support deciding on your affirmation.


Paper colours:  pink or off-white fleck


The artwork is approx. A6, and is sold unframed

Option to upgrade & add 24ct gold leaf embellishment.



Letters and numbers version

RUNES version


coming soon:

  • packs of DIY cyanotype paper
  • Lots of other customisable works
  • SIGIL DIY packs

CUSTOM SIGIL A6 cyanotype (postcard size)

  • Cyanotype is a photographic technique dating back to the 1800s - it is a method of capturing shadows on a light-sensitive page: when sunlight/UV light is introduced, areas of shadow remain the white of the page, and areas touched by the light undergo a chemical reaction, transforming into beautiful shades of blue once washed.

    Much like how flowers of the same variety grow in their own unique ways, cyanotypes are all unique, even when created in the same way, with the same tools - that's the magic of the cameraless photography process, it's always a bit of a surprise outcome, and that's why I love it!

  • It is normal for these artworks to incur some small dents along the way due to the washing/processing techniques; these may have been cut off, so your print will be slightly smaller than A4/A3, or they may have been left in situ as part of the character and history of the piece. Every effort is made to ensure the best outcome for each artwork.

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