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Hi, my name is Liberty and I am a cyanotype artist in Devon...

I adore creating art, but I hate waste! These little packs are one of the ways I’m working to reduce studio waste by offering the offcuts to help others get creative.


So if you love scrapbooking, making handmade cards and gifts or just want to add luscious blues to your journal - this pack is for you! 


Cyanotype is a ‘cameraless’ photography process which captures shadows in glorious blues and white - in my work I use all kinds of shadows some are digitally created (photographs/text), some hand drawn, but mostly those taken straight from nature (flowers, seedheads etc.)


Each pack is different, with varying tones of blue and styles of cyanotype on a range of paper types and thicknesses, including coffee filter paper (which is great for decoupage projects) - you may also find some sneaky extra materials, such as gold leaf, paint or pen embellishments... it all depends on what I’ve been creating!


There are three sizes of pack Small, Medium, Large: each containg a selection of larger/neater pieces - mostly squares or circles, alongside some bits that are a tad more scrappy, but just as fun to play with!


Don't forget to tag on instagram/facebook to show off what you've created with your little blue bits...

SCRAP THE BLUES (scrapbooking/craft supplies)

PriceFrom £5.00
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