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"How Can We Make Every Day Earth Day?"


I’d just like to say my own little bit about Earth Day. I have to admit that I could do a whole lot more to help this beautiful ball of energy we live on, and I suspect I’m not alone when I say that I am a bit lazy when it comes to conservation with a ‘one day I will,’ attitude, but I am promising myself to do better.

We do our best to save energy – running round turning lights off, being more efficient with heating, lighting and water use etc. but there are so many aspects of eco living that we don’t think of.


Now, as many know, I spout on about doTERRA a lot because I love the oils and truly believe that they can help us live a better life, but I don’t share enough about the company and how seriously they take the care of the planet and its people.

Apart from oils, I use their personal care & cleaning products because they are natural and eco, as are the supplements. I am also starting to make (and will share these) things for eating, cleaning and grooming using the oils to move towards toxin free living.

But, let me tell you about the company.

Some people have said to me that they like to buy local. Can anyone tell me where there is a frankincense tree in South Devon?? Or the nearest source of Copaiba? Obviously, these beautiful oils are so helpful to us and they need to come from areas of the world where they flourish in the best soil, the best climate etc, and can do the most good for us. So, doTERRA flip the airmiles thing on the head (is that a saying?) with their Co-Impact sourcing:

Wherever they source their oils from (look at they work with the growers, support local communities and take a sustainable approach to the land (did you know that frankincense is in short supply? Did you know that’s partly because brokers push for supplies even if the trees can’t cope with the demands? doTERRA pay the people to rest the trees and plant more so the supply will keep us going with this amazingly supportive oil)

Across the globe, doTERRA’s ethical and ecological approach is creating jobs, income, community support and stewardship of the land. They focus on totally organic and sustainable methods of growing, harvesting and processing their oils. They are working on sustainable shipping and packaging. They choose, not only the best environment for optimum plant benefits, but also ecological impact where they can support the land and the local communities. The best outcome for us, people and planet.

The new facility in Cork, Ireland is cutting out the need to ship from America and these facilities are popping up globally to process and deliver in their own localities.


How do I use doTERRA to move towards a greener way of living?

Health – using the oils and supplements as an initial step to supporting my family’s general health and health concerns.

Low Tox Living – using natural products from household cleaning, to natural weed killers – sending zero chemicals into the water system.

Personal care – using their natural (and gorgeous) products to wash, moisturise, clean teeth etc. again, sending zero chemicals into the water.

Packaging – knowing that the eco packaging is having much less impact on the environment.

Earth Kind – knowing that many global communities are being given a chance to live a better life for themselves and their families.

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