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Essential oils have, in the past, conjured up images of hippy women dancing in the woods, old grannies with their lavender drawer liners.

But, think again.

Today, there is so much research into how these plant-based bottles of wonder work with our bodies and minds and – guess what – they do actually work. You might need to play around a bit to see which ones respond to you, but there is usually one that will change your life – in a big or small way, but make a change, they will. Sports teams, athletes and personal trainers are discovering how they can give them the advantage, improve performance and recovery, and all in a safe, natural, non-toxic way.

Whatever kind of fitness path you are on, you really should think about giving them a go.

Entry level – they work to relax muscles, shoo out lactic acid and help them recover from a hefty workout. Apply DEEP BLUE rub to your back to alleviate discomfort, and you get a bit of a buzz from when it goes either hot or cold depending on what it’s working on (they are adaptogenic, so they kind of go in and see what can be fixed)

Next Level – how important is oxygen? Well, how about trying this: Before you exercise, take some PEPPERMINT or AIR blend and inhale deeply a couple of times, apply to your chest and go. It will open up your airways and get that oxygen into your system to give you a good boost. It will also wake you up, get rid of that headache looming and even sweeten your breath for when you’re huffing and puffing at your fellow gym buddies. DoTERRA also have an amazing range of supplements – all natural, powerful and designed to help us aim for ultimate health. MITO2MAX is a complex supplement that works so much magic on our health systems but for fitness, it increases our energy levels and helps with endurance.

Another Level – aromas have a profound emotional effect on us – good and bad – and it’s not just stimulating the memory – they can actually change our brain chemistry. Some essential oils can enter the limbic system and send messages to the brain to change our moods and thoughts. So rather than looking at that goal thinking you’re not worthy, use the power of the oils and look again in a ‘hell, yeah’ kind of way. Try MOTIVATE blend or ARISE and go for it.

Top Level – you’ve prepared, motivated, smashed it, recovered, and now it’s time to wind down. Here’s where Granny’s drawer liners come into it – except pure, unadulterated LAVENDER OIL is totally different from the old lavender scents. It will help you relax and sleep – it’s also an amazing pain relief. If you really don’t like the smell of lavender (some don’t) then SPIKENARD works in a similar way and smells more blokey, but it’s more expensive, so it’s worth giving lavender a go first.

I’m not a sporty person, but I have the tools and research to help those who are. If you would like to know more, reach out and we can work out what would work for you.

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